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Hey, “Meninists”! Want to actually make a difference and offer real support to men in need? Instead of spending that $25-$50 on a #Meninist T-shirt or Hoodie, how about you give that money to the HUNDREDS of charities that are in need?

  • New York Avenue Men’s Emergency Shelter is an emergency shelter for men over the age of 18. The program offers a hot meal, a shower, a place to stay off of the streets. They accept monetary donations, as well as clothing donations.
  • Gay Men’s Health Crisis is a charity that happens to be the leading provider of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and advocacy. Although they have mostly catered to gay men, they also offer assistance to trans people and people who are gender non-conforming. Money donations are graceously accepted.
  • The Sylvia Rivera Law Project  is a charity that serves low-income trans people and trans people of color.
  • Boy’s Town is a organization that helps place at-risk boys into supportive families and homes, preventing suicide, drop-outs and homelessness for male youth.
  • The End Teen Suicide Campaign is dedicated to identifying and providing help to troubled teens in Colorado.
  • CALM is a organization the specifically deal with male teen suicide in the UK. They over both a national and international help line, as well as a help chat-line for suicidal teenage boys.
  • 100 Black Men of America is a charity dedicated to assisting black men and their families, as well as to help young black men go to college.
  • MenCap is a charity for boys and men with learning disabilities living in the UK.
  • CAMP camp is a charity and organization that helps send disabled children to an inclusive summer camps that include proper medical support for them.
  • Top Spin is a charity and organization that combats early high-school drop out, especially in low-income areas. While they primarily fund-raise through table-tennis tournaments, they also accept monetary donations, which they use to assist children in need who are struggling in their education.

This was all I felt like including but there are TONS more charities that need donations. Do some good! Donate! Your money is better spent giving to those in need than buying a t-shirt that’s proceeds go to no one but the manufacturer.

this whole post is moot because no, they don’t; they’re just interested in a smug sense of superiority and feeling secure in their societal place over women

a good resource for the rest of us though

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