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lmao of course they’d be boring as fuck and have stale ass faces and look shit of course

A new breed of fuckboys is upon us

Am I the only one who is super glad these T-Shirts/hoodies exist? Because these guys and their deluded ideas already existed. But now you don’t even have to TALK to these guys for enough time realise that they are disgusting garbage. They’ve literally just bought themselves a giant sign saying “NEVER TALK TO ME OR GO ANYWHERE NEAR ME, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE FEMALE

#Im just saying it’s nice that they’ve decided to start literally labelling themselves as scum so we don’t have to#saves so much time and aggrevation#meninist#mra#so yeah thanks meninists! you’ve not pissed us off. You’ve just made yourselves easier to ignore on a mass basis#you’re so smart ;)

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