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also this shit

case and point: why neurotypicals should be banned from therapy & ESPECIALLY psychiatry

Shit like this that steers me away from therapy. Yeah, I want to talk to a professional, but I don’t want to be another story at their dinner table

Any therapist with even a HINT of professional integrity will absolutely fucking not do this. Whoever wrote this, and whoever signed off and agreed, everyone who does this, ought to be fired and stripped of their license. 

My mom is a marriage/family therapist. She says NOTHING about her clients. EVER. And you know why? IT’S THEIR FUCKING BUSINESS. NOT ANYONE ELSE’S. Her co-workers don’t even talk about clients with each other, unless they’re working with the same client and it’s in a strictly business setting. 

Obviously I cannot speak for all therapists, and I cannot pretend that people don’t do shit like this, so if you ever hear someone pulling shit like this, CALL THEM OUT AND REPORT THEM. They are in violation of patient confidentiality and will probably lose their job, and god knows they deserve it.

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